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MIMB Import Bridge from Apache Hadoop HBase NoSQL Database (Java API)

Bridge Specifications

Vendor Apache
Tool Name Hadoop HBase NoSQL Database
Tool Version 2.0.0
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [NoSQL Database] Data Store (NoSQL / Hierarchical, Physical Data Model) via Java API

Import tool: Apache Hadoop HBase NoSQL Database 2.0.0 (
Import interface: [NoSQL Database] Data Store (NoSQL / Hierarchical, Physical Data Model) via Java API from Apache Hadoop HBase NoSQL Database (Java API)
Import bridge: 'HBase' 11.0.0

HBase Java API

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
Hadoop client location Directory containing JAR files neccessary to access HBase via Java API (typically available under /usr/lib/hadoop/client). DIRECTORY   Hadoop/hdfs/usr/lib/hadoop/client Mandatory
HBase configuration directory Directory containing copies of core-site.xml, hdfs-site.xml and hbase-site.xml from remote cluster you are trying to access.

Please make attention that configuration files contains valid from client perspective IP address, Host names etc.
Also make sure that following properties are properly configured:

DIRECTORY     Mandatory
Tables This option can be used as a constraint to import a particular HBase Table by specifying a list of tables separated by a semicolon.

The possible values are:
- empty string: any tables found with the connection parameters specified will be imported.
- a name or names: only the tables that belong to this tables(-s) will be imported.

table1;table2 - import column families from 'table1' and 'table2'
namespace1:table2 - import column families from 'table2' in namespace 'namespace1'
namespace1:ta% - import column families from all tables with name started with 'ta' in namespace 'namespace1'
Miscellaneous Specify miscellaneous options identified with a -letter and value.

For example, -m 4G -f 100 -j -Dname=value -Xms1G

-m the maximum Java memory size whole number (e.g. -m 4G or -m 2500M ).
-v set environment variable(s) (e.g. -v var1=value -v var2="value with spaces").
-j the last option that is followed by Java command line options (e.g. -j -Dname=value -Xms1G).


Bridge Mapping

Mapping information is not available

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