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MIMB Import Bridge from JSON File

Bridge Specifications

Vendor ISO
Tool Name JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) File
Tool Version 1.0
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [File System] Data Store (NoSQL / Hierarchical, Physical Data Model) via

Import tool: ISO JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) File 1.0 (
Import interface: [File System] Data Store (NoSQL / Hierarchical, Physical Data Model) via from JSON File
Import bridge: 'Json' 11.0.0

This bridge imports metadata from JSON files using the Java API.
This bridge loads the entire JSON file using a streaming parser, therefore there are no size limits, although it may take time if it is a remote large JSON file.
This bridge extracts the metadata (JSON hierarchical structure) and detects the following standard JSON data types:
as defined in [

- String {"stringSample" : "some text", "stringDateSample" : "Thu Apr 06 2017 09:41:51 GMT+0300 (FLE Standard Time)", "expStringSample" : "2.99792458e8"}
- Number {"expNumberSample": 2.99792458E8, "numberSample": 3, "floatSample": 3.141592653589793}
- Array {"arraySample": [1,2,3]}
- True {"booleanSample": true}
- False {"booleanSample": false}
- Null {"nullSample": null}

In addition, the following implementation specific data types are supported:
MongoDB extension:
- The identifier {"_id": {"$oid": "50a9c951300493f64fbffdb6"}}
- Date {"dateExample" : { "$date" : "2014-01-01T05:00:00.000Z"}}
- POSIX date {"isoDateExample" : { "$date" : 1491461103897 }}
- Timestamp {"timestampExample" : { "$timestamp" : { "t" : 1412180887, "i" : 1 } }}
- Number {"numberLongExample": {"$numberLong": "7494814965"}}

CouchDB extension:
- The identifier {"_id":"someId","_rev":"1232343467"}

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
File Path to file to import FILE *.*   Mandatory
Miscellaneous Specify miscellaneous options identified with a -letter and value.

For example, -m 4G -f 100 -j -Dname=value -Xms1G

-m the maximum Java memory size whole number (e.g. -m 4G or -m 2500M ).
-v set environment variable(s) (e.g. -v var1=value -v var2="value with spaces").
-j the last option that is followed by Java command line options (e.g. -j -Dname=value -Xms1G).
-hadoop key1=val1;key2=val2 to manualy set hadoop configuration options
-tps 10 maximum threads pool size
-tl 3600s processing time limit in s -seconds m - minutes or h hours;
-fl 1000 processing files count limit;
-delimited.top_rows_skip 1 number of rows to skip while processing csv files
-delimited.extra_separators ~,||,|~ comma separated extra delimiters each of which will be used while processing csv files
-delimited.no_header by default, bridge automatically tries to detect headers while processing csv files(basing on header columns types), use this option to disable headers import(f.e. to hide sensitive data)
-fresh.partition.models - use to import latest modified files when processing partitions defined in Partitioned directories parameter
-subst K: C:/test - use to associate a root path part with a drive or another path. - use to disable dependencies downloading and use only download cache
-prescript [cmd] - runs a script command before bridge execution. Example: -prescript \"script.bat\"
The script must be located in the bin directory, and have .bat or .sh extension.
The script path must not include any parent directory symbol (..)
The script should return exit code 0 to indicate success, or another value to indicate failure.
-disable.partitions.autodetection - use this option to disable automatic partitions detection(when "Partition directories" option is empty)
-parquet.compressed.max.size=10000000 bridge will ignore parquet archives with size bigger then defined with this option value; default value is 10 000 000 Bytes;


Bridge Mapping

Mapping information is not available

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