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MIMB Bridge Documentation

MIMB Import Bridge from OpenAPI Specification (OAS)

Bridge Specifications

Vendor OpenAPI Initiative (OAI)
Tool Name OpenAPI Specification
Tool Version 2.0 to 3.x
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [API] Data Store (Physical Data Model) via JSON File

Tool: OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) / OpenAPI Specification version 2.0 to 3.x via JSON File
Metadata: [API] Data Store (Physical Data Model)
Component: OpenApi version 11.0.0

This bridge requires internet access to download third party libraries:
- such as to download open source third party libraries,
- and more sites for other third party software such as database specific jdbc drivers.

The downloaded third party libraries are stored into $HOME/data/download/MIMB/
- If https fails, the bridge then tries with http.
- If a proxy is used to access internet, you must configure that proxy in the JRE (see the -j option in the Miscellaneous parameter).
- If the bridge does not have full access to internet, that $HOME/data/download/MIMB/ directory can be copied from another server with internet access where the command $HOME/bin/ (or .bat) -d can be used to download all third party libraries used by all bridges at once.

By running this bridge, you hereby acknowledge responsibility for the license terms and any potential security vulnerabilities from these downloaded third party software libraries.

This bridge imports API that use the Swagger/OpenAPI Specification and represented in .json format.



Refer to the current general known limitations at or bundled in Documentation/ReadMe/MIMBKnownLimitations.html

Provide a trouble shooting package with:
- the debug log (can be set in the UI or in conf/ with MIR_LOG_LEVEL=6)
- the metadata backup if available (can be set in the Miscellaneous parameter with option -backup)

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
File This bridge imports a .json Swagger/OpenAPI file. FILE *.json   Mandatory


Bridge Mapping

Mapping information is not available

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