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MIMB Import Bridge from SAP Data Services (BODI/BODS)

Bridge Specifications

Vendor SAP
Tool Name Data Services (BODI/BODS)
Tool Version 4.x
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Data Integration] Multi-Model, ETL (Source and Target Data Stores) via JDBC API

Import tool: SAP Data Services (BODI/BODS) 4.x (
Import interface: [Data Integration] Multi-Model, ETL (Source and Target Data Stores) via JDBC API from SAP Data Services (BODI/BODS)
Import bridge: 'SapBoDataServices' 11.0.0

This bridge imports the summary lineage metadata from BODI repository.
The bridge tries to resolve table owner name into physical schema name, based on aliasses of datastore configuration.
For example: If we have table T_1 with owner name t_1_owner, and configuration contains alias t_1_owner -> my_schema.
Then the table T_1 would be placed in schema: my_schema.
Ensure that the user has permissions to perform SELECT from SAP tables: AL_COLMAP_TEXT,AL_COLMAP,AL_LANGTEXT,AL_LANG

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
Driver location Enter the location of the jdbc jar files for the underlying database type. E.g., for SQL Server you may use sqljdbc42.jar. You may specify any directory you have permissions to read from. STRING     Mandatory
JDBC URL Enter the jdbc url where SAP Repository Data Base is running.
jdbc:sqlserver://SAPHOST:1433;database=SAP_01 OR
STRING   jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433 Mandatory
User Enter the user name on whose behalf the connection is being made. This username should have permissions to execute SELECT statements on the AL_COLMAP_TEXT and AL_COLMAP tables. It should NOT be a SAP DataServices native user. It must be a database user. STRING     Mandatory
Password The user's password on whose behalf the connection is being made PASSWORD     Mandatory
Data Flows Description: you can specify a list of data flows to import.
When the list is empty all available data flows are imported.
The list can have one or more data flow names separated by semicolons (e.g. dataflow1; dataflow2).
Patterns support inclusions and exclusions.
Here is an example of inclusion syntax, "A%; %B; %C%; D" that tries to get data flow names that:
- start with A or
- end with B or
- contain C or
- equal D

To exclude a pattern prefix it with 'NOT'. Here is an example of exclusion syntax, "A%; %B; NOT %SYS; NOT 'SYS%'"
that contributes to the following SQL filter: "where (name like A% or name like %B) and (name not like %SYS) and (name not like 'SYS%')"
Miscellaneous Specify miscellaneous options identified with a -letter and optional value.
Use Statistics=<Statistics_file_path> to produce ETL import statistics, e.g.:
-pppd enables the DI/ETL post-processor processing of DI/ETL designs in order to create the design connections and connection data sets.


Bridge Mapping

Mapping information is not available

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