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2008, June 15th - Informatica PowerCenter provides Mapping Analyst for Excel

Meta Integration version 6.0 considerably improves the Excel import/export capabilities of MIMB, and becomes integarted in Informatica PowerCenter to implement its Mapping Analyst for Excel (MAE):
  • "Mapping Analyst for Excel simplifies this process and the entire data integration life cycle.
  • A key feature of PowerCenter Standard Edition, Mapping Analyst for Excel unlocks the logic captured in Excel spreadsheets, regardless of format, and enables this logic to be used in PowerCenter.
  • Analysts use a set of standard Excel templates to define their source-to-target mapping specifications for IT developers. Developers can then jumpstart their development by automatically generating PowerCenter mappings from the specifications. With Mapping Analyst for Excel, business analysts, data analysts, and PowerCenter developers work better together to reduce project delivery times."

2007, June 8th - Support for Mappings & Transformation Forward Engineering to Informatica PowerCenter

Meta Integration version 5.2 supports the export of Data Integration (DI)'s mapping & transformation metadata to Informatica PowerCenter.
This feature allows to fast track data integration projects, by forward engineering existing mapping specifications defined in tools like Excel.

2006, March 28th - Support for the Informatica PowerCenter Repository

Meta Integration version 5.0 supports the remote browsing and import Data Integration (DI) metadata from Informatica PowerCenter's repository.
This feature allows for interactive metadata browsing of a live PowerCenter server.

2005, May 27th - Support for Informatica PowerCenter's Mappings & WorkFlows

Meta Integration version 4.2 supports the import of the complex Data Integration (DI)'s mapping & transformation metadata from Informatica PowerCenter.
This feature allows for powerful metadata lineage and impact analysis..

2004, July 23d - Support for Informatica PowerAnalyzer (Now Data Analyzer)

Meta Integration version 4.1 supports the export of data models to Informatica PowerAnalyzer (Now Data Analyzer).

2004, March 23d - Support for Informatica SuperGlue (Now Metadata Manager)

Meta Integration version 5.0.8 supports the export of data models to Informatica SuperGlue (Now Metadata Manager).

2004, January 1st - OEM Agreement

Informatica signs an OEM agreement with Meta Integration to embed the Meta Integration® Model Bridge (MIMB) technology within its Data Integration (DI) and Metadata Management (MM) solutions, for their metadata import/export and tool integration capabilities.

2003, October 24th - Support for Informatica PowerCenter's Sources & Targets

Meta Integration version 4.0 supports the import & export of data models with Informatica PowerCenter.

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