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The erwin Metadata Management (EMM) solutions include two products:

  • The erwin Web Portal (standard edition) with all essential features for erwin data model publishing, analysis and reviews:
    • Metadata harvesting (integration) from erwin Data Modeler Standard Edition.
    • Metadata harvesting (integration) from erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition (synchronizes with the erwin Mart repository).
    • Data Model Diagram Visualizer and Navigator.
    • Metadata (single) Configuration and Stitching.
    • Metadata Browsing, Search and Reporting.
    • Metadata Collaboration (external URL, tagging, comments and review).
    • Data Flow Lineage & Impact Analysis.
    • Metadata Explorer (simplified metadata user interface for business users).
    • Repository Security with User and Role Management (integration with Enterprise LDAP or SSO).
    • Repository Customization by adding user defined properties / attributes).
    • Repository Storage on PostgreSQL (bundled on Windows), Oracle or SQL Server.

    (Note that above features in italic have been added from the previous CA ERwin Web Portal Enterprise Edition)

  • The erwin Web Portal for Data Governance product is an upgrade from the erwin Web Portal (standard edition) product with the following additional features:
    • Universal Data Modeling Web Portal:
      • With integration of third party data modeling tools - including IDERA ER/Studio Data Modeler, IBM InfoSphere Data Modeler, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, and SAP Sybase PowerDesigner.
    • Live Data Store Metadata Harvesting (Data Cataloging):
      • From RDBMS (Relational Databases) technologies - including IBM DB2 & Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Pivotal Greenplum, PostgreSQL, and Teradata.
      • From HADOOP (Big Data) technologies - including Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR.
      • From NO SQL technologies - including MongoDB, Apache Cassandra (DataStax), and Apache CouchDB (MarkLogic).
      • From DATA LAKE technologies - with high level data lake file/directory inventory over the cloud (e.g. Amazon S3), on big data clusters (e.g. Hadoop distributions), or file servers (POSIX/Windows/Linux file systems), followed by low level metadata discovery from the database and file import from Flat File Database (CSV or Excel), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Apache Avro, Parquet, and ORC files.
    • Change Management:
      • Model Version Management - maintains multiple versions of metadata
      • Repository Configuration Management - associates roles with different configurations of metadata / model versions (e.g. Development vs. Production configurations, or user group focused configurations),
    • Web Metadata Authoring tools:
      • Business Glossary – based on the ISO-11179 standard extended for better data modeling tool integration with Term types like entities, attributes, relationships, domains, business rules.
      • Semantic Mapper - to classify business terms or connect design layers from conceptual to logical and physical data models.
      • Data Documenter - data modeling of existing data stores like RDBMS and big data.
      • Data Modeler - for data modeling requirements with full data modeling from scratch.
      • Data Mapper - for data flow requirements with data mapping specifications.

    (Note that above features in italic are available only in EMM 9.7 or newer)

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